Sergeant Audie Murphy Club

The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC) is dedicated to improving tomorrow’s Army, its Soldiers, our post, and local communities by commitment, caring, mentoring, teaching, and training.


SAMCAM Band of Brothers 101st in Iraq


The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club is a non-profit organization committed to contributing to the community. The club does charity work for the homeless, helps out the elderly, assists the handicapped, and works to provide a better life for everyone in the community. The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club is operated solely by its members and is not affiliated with the Army. The club raises money for activities either by donation or through fund raising activities.

The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club is comprised of the top 2% of the Noncommissioned Officers in the Army. They are selected to the club based on demonstrated leadership, professionalism, and overall general military knowledge. These NCO's demonstrate their excellence on a daily basis. Each sergeant is responsible for the training and welfare of the soldiers in their care. These distinguished NCO's directly influence each person who works under them. Each member constantly displays a positive attitude at work and is an upstanding citizen in the community. It is a prestigious honor to be a member of this elite club.