Installation Access

AIE Drive Up

(706) 791-4593/4590, DSN 780-4593/4590   |   Darling Hall, Building 33720

DoD Personnel

DoD personnel can gain access to the installation at any gate and any lane with a valid DoD ID card.  All uniformed Service members and spouses, DoD employees, and retired uniformed Service Members and spouses can vouch for occupants in their immediate vehicle if the passenger presents a valid state ID. DoD personnel who forgot or lost their ID card must obtain a pass at Gate #1 upon verification of a a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration.

Non-DoD Employees

Non-DoD personnel who are new employees that require access to the installation may obtain a temporary pass to the installation upon verification of work status.  Government sponsors are required to initiate long term passes for non-DoD personnel through the Physical Security Office, (706) 791-2521.


Non DoD personnel who are visiting Fort Gordon must have a valid reason for access to the installation. Passes will be issued to visitors in the right lane at Gate 1 (Main Gate), accessible from the Jimmy Dyess Parkway. To obtain a temporary pass, visitors must have a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration. Once a pass is obtained, visitors can enter any gate with a pass and driver’s licence.

Commercial Vehicles

All commercial vehicles must be inspected at Gate #3 (Gordon Highway) from 0600 – 1400, Monday – Friday.  After 1400, commercial vehicles must be inspected at Gate #1.

Automated Installation Entry (AIE)

AIE is a physical access control system designed to validate DoD ID cards through DEERS.  The system also has the capability to identify personnel who are restricted from Fort Gordon.  Future upgrades will provide additional capabilities that will further enhance Fort Gordon’s security posture.  The system requires DoD ID cards to be registered to gain access.

One of the primary purposes of the AIE system is to cut down on potential human errors that can occur at access points, such as missing expired identification or knowing if a driver has restricted access. Card holders will drive up to an AIE pedestal and swipe the ID card at a scanner. Once the card is read, the individual’s credentials will be validated against federal and post records. Guards will be monitoring the information retrieved from the ID cards and once it is verified, entrance will be granted.

In accordance with Fort Gordon Access Control Policy, all DoD cardholders are required to register their ID cards.  Non-registered DoD personnel will be required to register prior to gaining access to the installation. Personnel can register their ID card at the Darling Hall, Military Police Admin Office, room 151 or Gate #1, Visitor Control Center.  Lending of your DoD ID card or AIE pass to other individuals is strictly prohibited and may result in loss of installation privileges or access.