Fish & Wildlife

dpw4To provide Fort Gordon and the CSRA with safe, quality hunting and fishing opportunities by managing the ecosystems and biodiversity through conservation, protection, restoration, and sustainment of which fish and wildlife depend, all-the-while supporting the military mission.

The Fort Gordon Fish & Wildlife Program is responsible for all species of game, non-game, and nuisance animals. We ensure compliance with laws and regulations such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA), Sikes Act, and administer the Hunting & Fishing Program.

The Hunting & Fishing Program is a non-appropriated fund activity supported by user fees paid by sportsmen. In general, hunting and fishing on Fort Gordon is open to all active and retired military personnel, active and retired civilian federal government employees as well as some employees of base support contractors and the families of these individuals. Hunters or fishermen not associated with Fort Gordon may gain access for hunting and fishing by applying through the Public Access Program.  Individuals can apply for this program through Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ online quota hunt system. Approximately 250 individuals are drawn each year and the application period for the drawing is open May 1 through May 15.   The public access licenses are valid for no longer than one year from date of purchase but will not postdate August 1 of the year following the drawing. Access may be restricted due to training requirements. All individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a licensed individual 18 years old or older. All hunters, regardless of age, must possess a Hunter Education Certificate. For more information please contact us.

dpw5Those wishing to hunt or fish on Fort Gordon must obtain a Georgia hunting or fishing license along with a Fort Gorodon issued hunting or fishing license


We participate in planting supplemental food plots throughout the year, targeting a variety of species with different seed mixes.

  • Hunter education courses are also taught on Fort Gordon at certain times of the year. see Education link
  • You can buy your hunting & fishing licenses at the Sportsman’s Club @ Range 14.
  • Fort Gordon plays host to a number of hunts throughout the year.



Creel Limits

  1. Creel limits and minimum length limits. It is prohibited for any person to take in 1 day (0001 - 2400), or to possess at any one time, more than the following limits of fish caught from Fort Gordon waters:
  2. Five channel, blue channel, and/or white catfish, or any combination of these three species.  These three species must be 8 inches or larger.  Those under the length limit must be released unharmed. There are no length limits on other catfish species and no quantity limit except for the limit in paragraph g(4) below of no more than 50 fish of all species in combination.
  3. Ten largemouth bass with a minimum size of 12 inches in length.  In Rachel Lakes I, II, III, and IV, bass between 6 and 11 inches and 14 inches and larger are legal.  Bass greater than 11 and less than 14 inches must be released unharmed.
  4. Thirty bream.
  5. Fifty fish of all species in combination.
  6. Creel limits when fishing at FGRA are established by the State of Georgia and the reciprocal agreement with the State of South Carolina.


Fort Gordon offers a variety of nature trails and natural resource educational opportunities.  Our Fish & Wildlife staff are available for small to large groups consisting of soldiers, students, and the general public.  We use educational tools such as animal skulls, plants, display boards, and LIVE ANIMALS!!  If you would like to host a nature trail at your location, please contact us well in advance as to allow preparation for the event.

All personnel who desire to hunt or fish on Fort Gordon must first view the Hunting and Fishing safety video and sign a hold harmless agreement. You can use the following link to view the safety video. Please note that this file exceeds one megabyte and may take a very long time to download depending on your connection speed.


Located along Rowe Lane, this natural resource hot-spot includes a 1/2 mile handicapped-accessible trail and two-story viewing platform located along a 25-acre natural beaver pond, affording ample opportunity for nature viewing and environmental education. The trails location within a wetland and adjacent to an upland sand hills region provides a vivid representation of the variety of habitats on Fort Gordon.  In addition, this wetland provides suitable habitat for some of the rare and protected species on the installation.



Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, & Horseback Riding Regulations

Fort Gordon 2012-2013 Big Game Hunting Seasons

Fort Gordon 2012-2013 Small Game Hunting Seasons


These regulations establish responsibilities and policies for hunting, fishing, trapping, and horseback riding on the Fort Gordon military installation. These regulations apply to all individuals (military, civilian, and their bona fide guests) properly licensed to hunt, fish, trap, and ride horses on the Fort Gordon military installation.

Informational Documents

NRB 2013 H&F Brief

NRB 2013 NRB 2013 Sportsmans Survey

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