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Special Holiday Services at Fort Gordon


Post-wide Bible Study and Luncheon


pdfFamily Life Brochure


Interested in getting married in a Fort Gordon Chapel?

Marriage 101 is a requirement. Marriage 101 is 6 hours of premarital training every fourth Thursday of the month at the Family Life Center BLDG 38804 Academic Drive. It is recommended to coordinate with the Chapel NCOICs at least 45 days in advance after you have completed Marriage 101 to reserve chapel.


Chapel NCOICs may be reached at:

791-4308 for Good Shepherd Chapel (BLDG 29608 Barnes Avenue)

791-2056 for Barnes Avenue Friendship Chapel (BLDG 25603 Barnes Avenue)

791-5160/3959 for Bicentennial Chapel (BLDG 28414 Brainard Avenue)


There are many worship opportunities on Fort Gordon where Servicemembers and their families experience music worship along with introductory prayers and a variety of other pertinent prayer worship! 


Protestant Women of the Chapel

Religious Support Office, Tuesdays 1900, Bldg 29601

Religious Education Center, Thursdays 0930, Bldg 39713


pdfProtestant Women of the Chapel

pdfProtestant Men of the Chapel

Information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Protestant Men of the Chapel

First Thursdays, at 1800, at Barnes Ave Friendship Chapel  please call 791-2056 for Information

 Military Council of Catholic Women

Good Shepherd Chapel, First Friday at 1830, (706) 791-2945 


Flower Ministry for Hospital

Bicentennial Chapel, Mondays 0930, (706) 791-3959 


Religious Education


pdfMass In Spanish 


  • Held at BLDG 38804 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 1645. Contact MAJ Shoenholz Jewish Faith Group Leader @706-787-2442 for current schedule 

Latter-Day Saints

  • Friendship Chapel, Sundays 1330, Barnes Avenue, (706) 799-9651 


  • Islamic Jumah, Islamic Center, Fridays 1230 (1330 DST), Bldg 38804 

Sunday School

  • Sundays 0930 at the Religious Education Center. 

Children's Catechism

  • Sundays 1045 at the Religious Education Center

Post-Wide Bible Study

  • Wednesdays 1130 at the Bicentennial Chapel (706) 791-5166.