Fort Gordon, GA

15th Street, Building 14550
Commercial: 706-791-2675
DSN: 780-267

Our Vision, Mission, and Goal:

  • "To be the best LRC at providing logistical support that enables readiness to the Fort Gordon’s area of responsibility (AOR)"

  • "The Installation Logistics integrator providing supply and services, maintenance and transportation support that serves as a force multiplier to the Fort Gordon area of responsibility"

  • "Serve as the region model for logistical support and innovation"

Our Organization:

Plans and Operations Division provides logistical and technical support for  quality assurance, command supply discipline program, awards program, hazardous materials management plan, mortuary affairs, contract administration budget, and management controls.

Material Maintenance Division provides organizational, direct, and general support maintenance for installation and unit equipment, MWO and warranty programs, and RESET support.  Additionally, the MMD provides logistical and technical support for Logistics Information Systems (LIS).

Supply and Services Division manages all classes of supply (except medical), installation property, central issue facility, hazardous materials, food services, ammunition supply and laundry support. 

Transportation Division provides transportation services for personal property movement and storage, official travel, General Services Administration non-tactical vehicle fleet, the transportation motor pool, licensing operations, Freight and Mobilization operations to include shipment of hazardous materials.




"We are proudly serving the best customers in the world"

Upcoming Event

The LRC is scheduled to field GCSS-Army Wave II in Nov 2016.  For more information click button below.


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