Fort Gordon, GA

15th Street, Building 14550
Commercial: 706-791-2675
DSN: 780-267

GCSS-Army Wave II Fielding (FG-20.2)

Above Photo:  GCSS-Army, Fielding Group 20, Units and Organizations attended GCSS-Army Wave II, Data Conversion Briefing/Training held at Fort Gordon, Georgia, Oct 21-22.  The briefing/training was conducted by Mr. Clifton Shaw from LOGSA Enterprise Data Management Office.  The purpose of the briefing/training was to provide important information about data conversion requirements for GCSS-Army Wave II fielding that is ongoing.

Training Requirements

All GCSS-Army users are required to complete Web Based Training (WBT) prior to attending onsite classroom training and before being granted access to the system.  WBT (Training for Record) material can be accessed at the following URL: https://www.gcss.army.mil/Training/GTRAC.aspx.  

Deliverables (Templates)

Template Description Provide to Unit Suspense
FE/UIC Structure List all customers UICs and other relationship information used to establish the organizational structure as well as to build Property Book, Unit Supply, and Maintenance relationships. D-360 D-330
Maintenance Work Center Crosswalk unit specific SAMS-E work centers (Allied Trades, Automotive, C&E) to GCSS-Army standard work centers. D-300 D-270
Maintenance Relationship Identifies the DoDAACs of any and all Maintenance Activities that the unit might EVAC work orders to. D-300 D-270
Roles POS Mapping Used to identify where Roles and Positions/Authorizations are to be placed within the unit. D-300 D-270
Wave 2 ZAA Review To ensure proper alignment of the FE to the UIC and DoDAAC on the Z Account Assignment Table. D-210 to  D-30 N/A
EQ_OPEN_WO_COST - Cross Walk   D-210 D-180
ZAIT Profile Used to establish initial permission for AIT use. D-120 D-90

Keys to Success

  • Command Emphasis and Involvement MUST HAVE! – At all levels!

  • Advance Lead User Training PM PAYS!  – Need your best & brightest!

  • Prerequisite Web-Based Training (WBT) – Early training to build knowledge and expertise. All future GCSS-Army users must take this training.

  • Lead User Workshop – Self paced/facilitated lessons while GCSS-Army team is on-site

  • Audience Analysis – Determine who will operate the system (Roles & Permissions)

  • Data Cleansing – Sustainment Information Systems (SIS) data reconciliations, to include financials

  • Access Administrator (AA) – Responsible for on-boarding and granting GCSS-A access to personnel within unit/organization

  • Implement A Risk Management Plan Identification (both positive and negative), Analysis, and Response (avoid, mitigate, accept the risk)